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The Kentucky Courthouse Project
One man's quest to visit and document every county courthouse in Kentucky!

This project began years ago, as a result of my "vehicle-assisted wanderlust". I would take photos of the places I went, and that often included rural courthouses. I had often thought about documenting all the courthouses of my home state, but never really had the time or motivation.

In the winter of 2003 after a quite grueling semester of Criminal Law and related courses, I needed something to unwind, and for the first time I began to take the idea of a complete courthouse documentary seriously. Looking for tips and things online led me to a site put together by a guy in Texas. It turns out he has done the same thing I intend to do, only in Texas!! His notes & journal of events are awesome, and were of great inspiration to this site.

The Kentucky Courthouse project is an attempt to create an extensive photo archive of all Kentucky county seats and courthouses.  Right now, even with the counties already visited, there are relatively few pictures.  With our newly increased disk space, I plan to go back and add more pictures from my CD archives to the individual county pages.

Note:  The site has recently been moved from its previous geocities home (where it resided for the first year and a half of its life), to the new server.  If anything doesn't work, shoot me an email at and I'll take a look at it.  Thanks, and happy wanderings!

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